Tips in Deciding When to Have a Probate and Guardianship Lawyer

Appointment of guardianship in Florida is the most important decision that needs to be taken in any adult child’s life. If it does not go well then the adult children could end up living on their own for the rest of their lives. This is obviously not something that anyone wants to happen. That is why making the decision to have a guardianship lawyer is so important. A good legal representation will be able to ensure that the best interests of the adult child are protected at all times.


The first step that any Florida resident must take when it comes to having a child is to file for custody through probate court. The child will be assigned to an appointed guardian with a court appointed attorney. This person will then have to report to the probate court on a regular basis about the well being of the child. Any changes to the residence or family situation of the child can be reported to the court and need to be noted.


At the end of the year the court will hold a meeting to decide who will get the money from the estate of the deceased parent. If it is determined that there is no other financial potential, the court will determine who will receive the funds from the probate property. The courts in Florida do not pay any fees for the management of probate court properties. Any fees or costs that are associated with the management of these assets are paid by the individual receiving them.


An appointed guardian in Florida can sell any part of the Probate Court property that they have. The only exception to this is that if the property has a resale value that exceeds the current value of the property. This will have to be discussed with the probate court during the appointment. Selling some of the assets is a common practice used in some of the better assisted living facilities.


Once the guardian in Florida has been appointed, the court will provide notice that they are in the process of looking for a qualified and capable person to take care of the child. Usually this requires the guardian to submit their application to the probate court. On the same day that the application is filed in the probate court, another written notice will be sent to all the other members probate and guardianship lawyerof the family that are named on the petition. In some cases other family members can request to be removed from the application. This is normally done when one of the parents has a criminal record that would prevent them from serving as guardian, said one from Cass and Ramos law office.


One of the most important decisions that a guardianship in Florida faces is the hearing on whether or not a child will be placed with someone that they believe will be good for them. In many cases the probate court decides this for the family or guardian in accordance with what they think is best for the child. They also listen to the recommendation of a doctor or other professionals that have looked after similar children. Once the decision is made then the paperwork is filed and the next step is for a meeting between all involved and a written agreement is reached on the future of the guardianship. Visit for more about this.